Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Adventure

(Val and I)

Today was an excellent adventure. I woke up around 10:40 and had a moment of euphoria when I realized that it was raining outside. I rolled out of bed to go to the bathroom and I was so stiff I could barely move. I must have looked like Frankenstein's monster. When I got back to my room I stretched for a good 10 minutes to loosen everything up. It worked, I felt 100% better afterwards. Once I could move I got dressed and went to get some breakfast with Lauren and Moira and Val. I had a delicious MnM banana waffle (because they were out of chocolate chips) and a pumpkin pie soy chai. After that we just hung around in the lounge outside the cafe, talking and being warm and dry.

Then, I went again to get my physical. I decided, however, to take the bus because I didn't want to bike in the rain. My amiga Val wanted to come with me, so we borrowed Lauren's bus pass and grabbed my free-ride tickets and we headed to the fieldhouse where our bus stop is located. Today was a big football game, so there were lots of people around, and luckily, I had decided to bring my camera. After we waited FOREVER for the bus, we hopped on the number 16 and headed towards the Tacoma Transit Center to transfer. Let me tell you, public transportation is a very interesting (and cuddy.) At TTC, we waited some more and I took more pictures, and we transferred to the number 10. 

We took the number 10 to Pearl and 26th. We practically ran to the clinic because I was told they don't do physicals after 4 on Saturdays and we got there at 4:02, but because I had the paperwork done, the woman was very kinda and said she'd get me in. I waited about 5 minutes before they called my name. When I got in the room, the nurse said, "you might need to go to your Primary Care doctor in order to get this filled out because you've had an EKG." So I told her that my Primary Care doctor is in Montana, and I was cleared by the hospital, could they please call the hospital. She went and got the doctor, who quizzed me about the asthma and the EKG, and then when she got to my ankle, and I told her how running and other things can mess it up, and she told me they couldn't approve me, I will have to go see a sports medicine doctor.

She referred me to a doctor who has his office near Target. She told me to call at 8 on Monday morning and they would try to fit me in in the 24 hours after that. I told her thank you, and Val and I left. It was quite infuriating! So instead of taking the bus back, Val and I simply walked the 2.6 miles to campus (in the rain). I got to break in my rainboots to Tacoma weather and I took some more photos. I wasn't as mad about this visit as the last. If they can't approve me, they can't approve me.

So now I'm back at campus, snug under my covers, in dry clothes, letting my hair dry. I took some great photos today, I'm only posting some of them. I'll get the rest up tomorrow and Monday. I'm headed to swim laps at 7 with Lauren and then later Margaret and I are going to watch Alice in Wonderland and Moulin Rouge (or Love Actually.) Tomorrow she and I are going to go do my crew homework (elliptical or bike for 40 minutes.) I would do it today, but the fieldhouse is closed. I figured the over two mile walk should count for something.

I'm excited that it is still raining. Everything takes on this neon green sheen when it is wet outside. I mean, it is green normally, but the colour is out of this world when it rains. I hope the cooler weather keeps up. I mean, I enjoy the warmth (but not too warm) and sunshine (but not too sunny) but I am ready for it to cool down and become fall and let me start wearing many layers!

Well I'm off to do my lap schwimmen. I will post more pictures later! <3


Anonymous said...

Good looking photos. I like the water drops on stuff, waiting top fall.

Be careful where you show your camera, sometimes.

There is a new Nicholas page up.

Dad {=-{>

Anonymous said...

That should be "waiting TO fall"


Dad {!-{P

Leslee said...

Love your photos. Especially the ones with the trees starting to turn. I noticed out front the tree there is starting to turn and shed.

Mama Troubl said...

Public Transportation is kinda was in Denver. But a good place to people watch.