Friday, September 19, 2008

plate and cleaning.

I made this plate back during orientation and I haven't gotten around to posting pictures of it. Well here it is. I love it. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to. It really is quite a bit prettier in real life, but the pictures don't do it too much harm.

What brought about this sudden remembrance to take a picture of the plate of amazing proportions? Well it is the sparkly cleanness of my side of the dorm. I was too tired to go party-hopping with friends so I decided to stay in. But as I was sitting on my bed contemplating watching a movie or going to sleep, I realized I wasn't tired enough for that. So I got up and cleaned my side. I hung up all of my clothes, put my schoolwork away, threw out all the trash, took out the garbage and the recycling, and generally organized. (You'd be proud mum!)

I also may have gone a teensie-bit cable-tie crazy! I cable tied stuff to stuff, and other stuff to other stuff. I never realized how amazing cable tying really is. My room is a much sturdier, cable-tied place after this evening.

Tomorrow I need to:
  • do laundry
  • swiffer/vaccuum
  • go get physical
  • bike or elliptical for 40 minutes
  • swim laps (perhaps)
  • fill out yellow form
I'm sure there will be more. But that is a small list for now.
I forgot to mention that on my frustrating journey, I found the COLDSTONE! The most amazing icecream deliciousness ever! That was something a little exciting on my shitty journey.

I had my first crew practice today. 3/4s of it was not amazing. We worked out, carried oars, carried boats, and then I stood on the dock for about a hour. However, when I got to get in the boat and paddle, I really really really really liked it. I basically fell in love. It felt like such a natural thing. So I'm going to stick with this crew thing for a bit, see how it works out with schoolwork. Truth be told, I think it will be fine because practice is from 4-7PM, and I generally don't do homework they anyway. I'm also thinking that I'll go to the retreat on October 11-12. The weekend before I will have been on my Geomythology field trip to steamboat rock (which I found a tent buddy for) and so I might as well fill up the next weekend. It is only like $28. 

With that said, I'm headed to sleep. Goodnight!


DaddyBarrow said...

I like the plate.

The totin' and fetchin' and excercisin' is all part of a sport, so stick with it. Your time on the water will make it all worth while.

A clean room? I noticed you didn't post any photos of THAT.

((ahem...check your spelling...they for then...ahem))

Keep having fun and LEARN soemthings!

Your ever Lovin' Dad! {!-{>

Leslee said...

Love the plate you made--very cool!!!