Tuesday, September 23, 2008

campus. (part 2)

Well Dad. I have no idea what that place is. It is in/on trimble hall, a dorm. So maybe I can live there next year. :D

Yesterday was a really really good day. I got up, went to class (actually had the homework done), only kinda fell asleep and then Lori came to pick me up and she showed me around the neighborhood and showed me some good doctors to go to and where some cool things are (like COSTCO <3!!!).Voyager. It is pretty dank. No joke. She made me brownies too! <3<3<3>

I also got on the water for the first time with crew. It was amazing. I have fallen hook, line, and sinker in love with crew. I was the 7 seat and basically, the 8 seat(a varsity rower) and myself rowed the whole time. I got a break for maybe 5 minutes. It was so so cool. After that I went and did an hour of cardio. Suprisingly, I'm not even sore, just a little bit stiff. Once I stretch I won't even notice.

I hope everyone else had and equally good day. And mom, I'm expecting an update pronto. ;) <3<3

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Leslee said...

Loving all your photos. They are so Green.!!!