Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sunday is a weird day. I have no energy compared to the rest of this week.
I haven't decided if it is crew practice and the endorphins that releases that gives me so much energy and I didn't have crew today so I don't have the energy or if crew keeps me running at such a level of exhaustion that my body over compensates, but whichever it is, I love it.
I feel so much more outgoing and talkative and fabulous when I have all this energy pulsing through my veins.
This is just one more reason to love crew.

In other news, this blog is just a brief respite from my homework. I also found the dog I want. Another distraction. He's a pharaoh hound mix, from Washington nonetheless. Someday, I remind myself, Someday. (and I would name him Tale. Or Dacre. Or Tut.)

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