Sunday, September 21, 2008

bicycles. (and my third arm).

Everyone here rides bicycles. Some dorms have a few, like Regester. We don't quite fill up our bike cage. Other dorms have about one thousand, like Schiff, where the mountain bikes overflow off the racks and up into the entrance and down the otherside onto the other bike rack. So I thought I would take some photos of the bicycle craze.

In other news, I've lost my phone. My third arm has been violently ripped from me. Somewhere between the sub and Anderson Langdon, my phone has disappeared. Margaret and I went back and retraced our steps, checking EVERYWHERE for the phone. We then we back and walked back and forth between AL and the sub with my surefire, looking for it. It was ringing for a while and now it has started going straight to voicemail. We've ruled out a few possiblities because it was ringing. That rules out a violent death by water (aka, dropping in a puddle, flushing down a toilet) because that would have shut it down immediately and not let it ring for a good 2 hours. We haven't ruled out the freezer in the cellar, because I was bending over it and although I looked in there, I didn't look super hard. It fits the ringing for a while and then turning off situation too. We also need to look under the freezer. We looked all freeking over the cafeteria and went to security and asked if one had been turned in. I suppose if I don't find it, I'm going to have to locate the nearest verizon store and buy a new one... or order one online. We'll see. I'm going to spend part of today looking for it, but in the meantime, I can still check my voicemail from another phone, so go ahead and leave me messages if you need me or call me on my dorm-phone at (253) 879-4218.

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daddybarrow said...

I like the photos. fun stuff in the is sunny and windy here today.

Good luck on the phone. If you have to get a new one get the same model so your accessories work. It would be good to have the extra set! Also it should be cheaper as an older model. Mom thinks she can get one cheap, but I think it is a newer model, an ev2.

Dad {=-{>