Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Embracing my heritage!

I've decided to embrace the slightly curly hair that mom and the humidity has given me. It is pretty cute. This discovery came about over the canoe trip. We did our swim test in the ocean, and when the salt water dried in my hair, I had spiral curls: like doll-hair spirals. It was amaaaaaazing! So I started to mess around and discovered that I like my semi-curly hair! So now when I hop out of the shower in the morning, I don't have to try to dry and straighten, and I honestly love it.

So I'm rocking out this morning, pumping up for my first day of classes (which starts at 9:30). I need to run and get breakfast, but I am uber excited for Chinese, which I have first.

I'll update later to tell about my first day of classes!

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