Thursday, February 19, 2009

short kid sammich!

First things first: here is a beautiful photo taken in my room the other night. I'm the freaky dark haired one on the left. From there is Dana, Maddie, and Madie (best roommate EVUH!).

Next, Poppytalk posted the most fabulous stamps in the world! I definitely think you need these Mum! 
 To find out more, their post called Sweet Things shows everything you need to know about these most amazing stamps!

Last but not least, I'm making a To Do list.
1.) French Paper
2.) Citation Stuff
3.) Print Psychology Reviews
4.) Write Letter to Shannon
5.) Write Letter to Nana
6.) Buy Stamps
7.) Birthday Present
8.) French Flash Cards
9.) Journal Pages
10.) FAFSA
11.) ASUPS voting

1 comment:

Leslee said...

The stamps are sweet. Might make a good birthday present for you know who.

Luv ya,