Saturday, February 21, 2009

productive saturday...

Today was productive. Well, as productive as it can be when you sleep until noon! I got almost 11 hours of sleep last night however, which is probably something I needed after being sick. Turning in early tonight. I almost went to a party or two, but I split up with my friends to come back to my room. I finished my friend Hannah's birthday present, worked on my sister's, and now I am posting this blog.
I did quite a bit today. I shaved my legs, went to the mall (and bought nothing!), and made a sock animal! He is a happy polka-dotted fellow with a green button tail and medium sized ears. I'd love to hear comments on him. They had some cute dinosaur socks in the dollar section at Target, I might have to return to get some of those.

I can't wait to talk to Dad tomorrow when he gets home! It will be nice. I also have a ton of homework to do, and 2 big tests to study/make flash cards for, so perhaps no post tomorrow. We shall see. 

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