Friday, February 20, 2009


I have found a new favorite thing. It is called a Print Gocco. It is a Japanese crafty utensil. It is basically a very easy to do screen print. I'm absolutely in love with it. I enjoyed screenprinting, although certain parts of it weren't fun (AKA, the teacher), however I think that the Gocco would fix this, because it is very simple and works well. It makes beautiful prints, and I could print my own cards and notebooks and and clothes!

One of my favorite places with Gocco cards is Two Guitars. I love the vintage feel of the work, and the cameras and trains definitely go along with what has been on my mind recently.
The Gocco cards below by porterness also tickle my fancy.

To Do this weekend:
1.) Communication Citation Rewrite
2.) Print Psychology Reviews
3.) Do Psychology Study Guide
4.) Work On Birthday Presents
5.) Make French Flashcards
6.) Do French Web Assignment
7.) Revise French Paper
8.) Journal Pages

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