Friday, February 6, 2009

craftin' away.

Just a little pouch that I crafted up for my friend Maddie's birthday. Magiiiiiic wand. :D

Last night was rough. I went to bed around 11 because I didn't have anything to do and I was tired, and the illness that I thought was getting muy muy better took a turn for the worse. I kept waking myself up coughing until al most 1:30am. My throat is raw this morning, and my lungs hurt something fierce. I'm skipping my 9am class to wait for my arsenel of drugs (albuterol, advair, mucinex, and vitamins) to kick in because I would spend the whole class being that really annoying person coughing up a lung. Hopefully I can do some laundry/change my sheets/clean my room in the meantime. I've been slowly and diligently working on Kirsten's birthday present, and I got something for Harlee (that she can share with Nick) yesterday at Target.
I need to get healthified because Mariska is coming this weekend, and I'm super excited. I hope we'll have a ballin' time. I'm sure we will. :D
I'm going to run to the bookstore in a little to see what kind of robotussin/lozenges they have, so I'll update later or tomorrow. <3

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