Wednesday, February 18, 2009

fairly productive tuesday....

I had a pretty productive day yesterday. I did all of my laundry, folded all of this week's, folded all of last week's, and put it all away. I cleaned up my room, took out the garbage, and thought about making my bed. I put in a few minutes on my French project and did a couple pages in my journal. I even started my FAFSA, I just need Dad's help to go much further. Today's To Do list goes something like this:
1.) French Project
2.) Journal Pages
3.) Letter to Nana
4.) Read Comm
5.) Finish FAFSA

I may add more if 
I come up with anything. My lit class was cancelled all week, which is 
nice, but I do have yoga today. I hope it doesn't bug my lungs too much, but I am taking my inhaler.
Here are a couple pictures of the birthday present I made for Mariska! It is just a small linen pouch lined with red. I sewed the buttonhole myself! I embroidered the apple too!

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Leslee said...

Looking good.
I went to Kirsten's to get a shirt of Harlee's to mend and she ended up coming home with me. Presently napping.
Went and renewed my driver's license today.