Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today has been the LAZIEST. I became afraid of how Washington drivers might approach the coming 10 inches of snow (what they're seeing as the snowpocalypse) so I called to discuss rescheduling options for my interview. As it turned out, Campuspoint was planning on cancelling interview today anyways and the woman I spoke with told me it wasn't worth the drive from Tacoma. However, It is now 8:30 PM and I have yet to see a single snowflake. I am rescheduled for Friday now.

In any case. I am quite ill, so it isn't so bad that I just sort of napped all day. Not to mention that slept feverishly and thus not much last night. I took my friend Serena's friends to the bus station since they were intending on procuring a ride to Seattle with me when I went. That is the only time I've left the house. I just feel so tired and ill and I'm sure that the coming weather is not helping with the sinus situation. It stinks. At least I have a cozy bed and a heater and all sorts of wonderful things to protect me against snowmageddon. Sadly, however, I am eating the last bowl of Turkey noodle soup that die Mama sent with me.

The photos are of my good friend Madie's Christmas present from me. I made her a decorative (and yet still comfy) pillow with the state of Oregon on it. She's from the town where the heart is. She made me a wonderful bracelet that I will have pictures of one of these days. Also, we are having an headband exchange and she made me a great little headband! I haven't finished hers yet because I'm knitting a braided headband which is, if nothing else, time consuming! I'll update tomorrow with pictures of the snow (if it actually happens), or of something else (if the snow isn't worth documenting).

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Leslee said...

Sad the soup is gone, but glad I sent it.
Glad the Pillow was a hit.
Looking forward to snowy photos tomorrow-maybe from here too.
mum xxooxxooxxoo