Monday, January 30, 2012

Good News

1.) Harlee seems to like the pink groovy girl pony (that neighs) and cowgirl that I got her for her birthday as evidenced by:
2.) I seem to be interesting enough to have garnered a phone interview with that company in Wisconsin. It would be for the Project Management / Implementation Consultant position and would be 50% travel. I don't know how strong my desire to move to Wisconsin is, but for the right job I would. I'm at least willing to see how far I get in the application process before I decide for sure.
3.) I was super productive today. I got some job stuff in. I rode my bike to the library. I made salmon, crudité, green beans, and noodles for dinner. It was SO GOOD. The salmon was 3.50, precrusted, fresh, and one piece was enough for Madie and I. We are such winners at dinner.

1 comment:

Leslee said...

Glad your dinner was yummy!
mum xoxoxo