Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today is Harlee's birthday! She's 5 and getting so big and smart. I miss her so much when I'm gone and I really wish, every single year, that I could be there for her birthday. I got to skype with her this year and she wanted to know if I'm coming home for the summer. It made so sad to tell her that I probably can't. I got her a pink groovy girl horse that neighs, and a cowgirl that rides on the horse. I hope she likes it. She's so into horses right now, so I bet she will. I wish I could go roller skating with her for her birthday, but instead I'm making this post. I love you Harlee-Boo, Happy Birthday!!! I can't wait to see you in May!


Leslee said...

She is s!

Leslee said...

That should read- she is SO adorable!!!

shannon.dolphay said...

Please tell Harlee that I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And yes, I know I'm late lol