Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Damn camera or snowmageddon or skiing in the streets of seattle

Soo I took some photos today and for some reason my camera really likes to upload some of my photos as black boxes. I don't know why it has begun doing this, but it is SUPER annoying and it did that to my best photos today. So i'm uploading this photo of a teensie icicle as a small image because then it actually looks in focus instead of out of focus. All of the in focus ones were messed up! Also, today was snowmageddon although I didn't find it to be impressive. I gave my Texan housemate a ride to and from work though, since her car neither has snow tires nor four-wheel-drive. I didn't find the roads to be that bad, but we're supposed to get freezing rain and a dusting of snow overnight, so I think they will probably be worse tomorrow.

What did impress me was the Seattleites who decided to use the #12 busline as a ski lift and the hills of Seattle as the slopes. This photos is from here.

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