Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ice ice baby...

Well, my camera is still doing that thing, but at least today I got wise to it and kept the photos on the card. I'm wondering if it is the card, so perhaps I'll switch them out. Any other suggestions pops?

My photos today are of the ridiculous ice we have here. The trees are totally frozen leading to me seeing a neighbor's tree's giant branch fall right down! And I helped someone from California navigate her car up a hill to get out from under an ever-drooping-lower tree. That required Madie and I pushing the car up the hill. Before that, however, I'd had a blueberry-pancake breakfast so I had the strength to accomplish the feat!

I spent the morning hanging out with Madie. I finished my application to Epic in Wisconsin and ended up having to take a really weird personality mapping thing that consisted of analogies and questions about my personality, but also really weird questions like:
John and Mary just returned from vacation. They rode the elevator to their high rise apartment and began unpacking their bags. They were excited to view the gifts they brought back– an illustrated book for themselves, a business suit for their daughter Helen, and the Scotch Whiskey that John's boss asked for. How do John and Mary feel about alcohol? (They encourage drinking. They discourage drinking. They don't care about drinking. Can't Tell) or How much do John and Mary read? (More than average people. The same as average people. Less than average people. Can't tell.) It was weird to say the least, but it is all in so who knows, maybe Wisconsin will come knocking on my door?

After leaving Madie's I went to Sarah's where we at bread and healthy fiberful krispie treats and home backed cinnamon bread and rosemary baguette. It was tres delicious. We watched a cute movie called "The Baxter" and then played a lot of DDR. Although it is a video game, you can't say it isn't healthier to play DDR than to sit around all evening. Now I'm tucked safely in my bed wondering if I will get a reply from the place I'm supposed to interview tomorrow about the road conditions. I'm supposed to interview at 2 but I feel that if the weather doesn't improve I am going to have to reschedule. I'm terrified of driving in downtown Seattle in the ice. It is SO SO SO hilly!

Other than that, enjoy the ice photos. I have more for tomorrow!


Leslee said...

It looks so pretty, but it is so dangerous. Good luck getting your interview in today.

Anonymous said...

Call me and tell me about the camera problem.