Monday, January 16, 2012


Hola from Snowcoma. This is what it has looked like today. Boo. I went out and ran errands, getting a basket to put my spices in and a knife and some salt and pepper and a lamp shade to replace the one I broke. Then I watched a movie, picked Serena and her friends up from the rental car place, and layed around on Sarah's new double-wide bed (her roommate moved out and she didn't get a new one) eating quesadillas. I went bowling with Madie as her date dash date for Alpha Phi, and Sarah ended up coming too because Madie's little didn't have a date. It was fun, but bowling freaks me out a lot. Ew. And about halfway through the second game my ibuprofen wore off (also, Mom, if you could bring some of this with you in March I'd be appreciative), and I began to break out in a cold sweat, my throat, jaw, and something in my lower back aching. I sort of just deflated, so we went home because Madie is sick too. Tomorrow I have a Campuspoint interview in Seattle. Companies hire Campuspoint to find them new grads, basically like headhunters for the recent-grad set, so hopefully they'll help me find gainful employment. Someone from Denali also keeps calling, so I need to respond to him. Other than that, I'm just trying to stay out of the snow. Keep warm out there!

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Leslee said...

Since I have so much darn Ibuprofen hanging around here, I will just sent you some. You might need it again before March. Hope you are feeling better and good luck with your interview meeting today.
luv you,
mum sososo