Friday, November 14, 2008


Kirsten has asked me multiple times what I might like for Christmas, so I thought I'd put a few things here on my blog.

  • Movies. Movies of all kinds. This is the gift that just keeps on giving. Mom generally has pretty good taste in what kinds of movies I like.
  • TV Shows on DVD. (Any season of House, Xfiles, or any other show I like. Or season 2 and on of the Dead Zone.)
  • Books. Same as above. Mom has great taste.
  • DDR. For PS2. I like all of them. There are a lot to choose from (Max, Extreme, Extreme 2, Supernova, Supernova 2, X) and I'm not picky, but if I got this, I would really really really like 2 mats. It is just way more fun with a friend. :D
Alright. Well now that I feel very weird and greedy, I have to make the observation that showering in the morning is just infinitely colder than showering any other time of day. After researching this in various locations, showering at night is warm and comfy; showering in the morning is cold and unhappy. I schedule in 21 minutes, I'm hoping to take comm 102, comm 200, psyc 273a, and french 250. Who knows.

Alright. I'm off. <3

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Leslee said...

Glad to hear I have great taste. But where does it get me????
Your hair doesn't look Too Bad, considering!!!!
Luv ya, Mum XOXOXOXO