Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday...

It is now the third day of my break, and I have yet to accomplish anything other than my Geomythology presentation. Yesterday was Turkey 
Day, and I went to celebrate with my roomie. We drove down to the peninsula to her Grandma's house in Mason county, kind of near Port Angeles. Her grandma lives out in the country (sort of). It was a beautiful drive and a beautiful area. I got to meet Maddie's mom, dad, brother, puppy, 6 cousins, 3 aunts, 2 uncles, and grandma. The food was delicious, and I was happy to not be alone on Thanksgiving. I even got to drive back to Tacoma. I volunteered to do it, because Maddie had another 3-4 hour drive ahead of her back to Eugene. I drove on the FREEWAY! In TRAFFIC! It was nice to get behind the wheel. It was yet another example of when knowing how to drive a stick comes in handy.

I watched Something Wicked This Way Comes last night. It was quite interesting and good with a fabulously cheezy ending! I also watched A Little Princess... which made me cry at several points. I really like that movie.

Today's agenda basically includes cleaning my room and doing my laundry. Lord knows I need to!!! I'll just pop in a
 movie and listen/watch while I pick up. I'm going to have some baked eggs for breakfast. With a bit of toast I think. I considered going black friday shopping and I might. We'll see. I figured that if I go later today or if I go tomorrow, a lot of the stuff I want will be gone (aka: tv on dvd for 13 dollars instead 40 at Target). And the lack of merchandise will curb my desire to spend!

Oh! Back to Geomythology presentation! Dad! I used some of the pictures from your blog for it! I needed Montana pictures because it is about Native American myths of Montana. Mom! I also used a picture of yours on my conclusion slide.

Well... I'm going to go take some Motrin because my throat really really hurts. I love you all and I'll talk to you later!

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Leslee said...

Curious what picture you used.

Love, mum