Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have returned from Camp Parsons (a little sore but) in one piece. The experience was pretty radical. Hood Canal is very very beautiful and I absolutely love the ocean. After a two hour bus ride under my pile of stuff and above a heater that was burning my legs, we arrived at the camp in the most beautiful green forest. The leaders were slightly too energetic for a group of freshman that had just woken up from a 2 hour nap. We played a lot of games and sang some songs that I basically heard all summer, so I was ahead of the game. After our arrival, our group packed, ate lunch, and hung out. We then did a swim test. We had to jump into the FREEZING ocean! But it was super fun and then we got to jump off the pier and it was a really good time. After waiting it out for the downpour to stop, we left for our overnight canoe trip. We went about five miles in a mild drizzle, but as it started to get sunny 2 full double rainbows appeared over the mountains and water. It was so beautiful. As we got closer to our destination a group of seals started following us, and when we reached the stream, at least twenty were watching us and wondering what we were. We then reached a stream, rolled up our pant legs, and dragged our canoes upstream. We reached the campsite, changed, got set up, ate, and went to bed. We slept in the next morning and ate oatmeal with fresh blackberries that we had collected. At noonish we headed out and ate lunch out floating in the ocean. When we reached camp our group just hung out before eating dinner and going to the hoedown. I wasn't a huge fan of the hoedown, but it was something to do, and I met quite a few more people. The third day, we had our choice of activites, and in the morning my group went to a David Sedaris reading on the pier. We napped all morning. Then in the afternoon, we split up, and I chose to attend a discussion on gender in America. It was really interesting and a lot of people had very interesting and scholarly points to make. After that, we ate dinner and went to our closing campfire. We didn't get on the bus until nine-fricken-o'clock. I was so dirty and disgusting that when I got back, I raced straight for the shower! After I was squeaky clean, I headed to bed. It was a good couple of days, but I am very glad to be back on campus! 

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Leslee said...

Cait, Enjoyed reading your account of the last few days. I saw Ally"s mum at the post office on Monday and she is off at college too, and had a camping trip too. She hadn't heard from her in a few days either. Sounded like she went with a very full vehicle too. Did you check out Cindy C's blog--with Robyn's daughter, Billi and her family?

Love you, mum