Monday, August 18, 2008

The Bebes!

These little faces are two that I will miss very much when I leave. 

Harlee, my Magoo, is getting more beautiful and smart every time I see her. She never fails to surprise me and make me smile, even when she is having a meltdown. She loves her books, and I love reading to her and buying new books for her. When you tell her to smile for the camera, she makes the best face (as shown above) and when swimming, she will demand bubbles by name! I love buying clothes for her and can't wait until she is old enough to enjoy shopping as much as I do. 

Nicholas, my Ollie, although a little similar to a toad always makes my heart melt when he manages to focus his big blue eyes on me. Although I won't hold him for long periods of time for fear he'll pee on me (I've managed to forgive him for peeing on the Nemo rug, but I don't know if I could deal with him peeing on me), I'm the first one to jump up when I hear him making noise. I'm sad that I won't get to know him like I did Harlee. She lived in the same house as me, and I've seen her every week since she was born. But here I am, leaving Ollie after only a few weeks. When I come back at Christmas, he will be a very different boy.

I can't wait until the two of them are a little older and I can have them stay with me and spoil the crap out of them (not that I don't already).

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