Friday, August 29, 2008

the dorm. (part 1)

Here are a few pictures of my loverly dorm! This is the first half of the installment, but as my internet has a bad attitude, this is all there is for the moment. I really like my dorm, it is pretty much perfect except that I would like a rug, some lights for around the pipes, and to hang up my sweet green organizer thingy. Once I have those, it will be the best dorm to ever live! I have the room all to myself, because Maddie is staying with her best friend while that friend's roommate is at passages. Well. i'm going to bed, and hopefully I don't get eaten by the GIANT spider that I had an argument earlier with. I took pictures to document, and will post them tomorrow.

1 comment:

Leslee said...

Why does that desk look familiar???

Oh Yeah! It is piled with the same stuff your desk here was piled with! Give it abnother week and you won't be able to see it!

Dad {!-{P

ps: I will tell Mom to sendyour socks...!