Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Today's Headlines.

Orientation has been such a ridiculous time of my life. I feel like I' m actually starting to open up though, which is a good thing. I laughed more today than I have the whole orientation. I was feeling a little down last night because although I've made about a thousand new acquaintances, I haven't made any close friends. But today really cheered me up. I met and hung out with quite a few people that I think will potentially become good friends. I did my urban plunge, still feeling like I wasn't tight with my group, and met some more people that I can actually remember the names of. After cutting out posters and making ribbons for the Pierce County Aids Walk, we took yet another yellow school bus back to campus to attend an "Ideas at Work and Play" dinner. I attended one about relationships and the science behind who we find attractive and why. A lot of it has to do with a chemical secreted by the immune system called MHC. Humans have the subconscious ability to smell that chemical and find someone that has very different chemical markers in their MHC. This ability to find differences protects against inbreeding and helps a person to find someone who will more effectively pass on their genetics to any offspring. There was also theories about visual attraction (an average of many faces is more attractive, masculine and feminine faces are attractive in different circumstances, symmetrical faces hint and good health) and how to stay in a relationship. After the dinner, I hung out with some more people I've just met, laughed hysterically with them, and we made our way to Schneebeck concert hall to see a hypnotist. I had a really great conversation with another girl from Regester and I think we'll probably be friends. The show was really hilariously funny. I almost peed myself. The hypnotist had those on stage pretend they were driving the most exotic car in the world and one girl was driving with her feet and when asked what kind of car it was told the hypnotist "Lazyboy." Another guy told her that he was driving a purple datsun. I laughed so so so hard! And now I'm off to bed, there are parties galore I could be attending, but I'm so fricken tired. I have a load of brights in the washer that I need to go move to the dryer and I'll do the other loads a different night because I am so ready for bed! Goodnight! <3

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