Saturday, February 5, 2011

(A Small Part of) The Journey To Dresden

The journey to Dresden was most wonderful! We met at 8am and drove about 2 hours to around where the Czech border is, and there we stopped at the most AMAZING reststop of my life. Not only did it have dragons and a wizard, but it also had a giant snowglobe, an airplane that housed the "Jet Restaurant", and gokarts. It also had an epic duty free store that's whole purpose was to sell overly large things (mentos, chocolate bars, bottles of alcohol (and, no, I didn't buy that giant bottle of schnapps, regardless of my instinct to do so)). We then drove two more hours, had lunch in Prague, and continued driving to Dresden. I have a list of recommended bars to check out here for good techno, so that is on my to-do list for the evening. I took lots of videos and pictures of Prague and such with my other camera but those will have to wait until I return to Vienna. Bis Morgen my lovelies!


Dad {!-{> said...

OK, That does indeed look like a pretty neat reststop...although I am not sure of the connection between the dragons, the jet and Santa on the giant globe...ehhh, that's Europe!

I DO like the looks of that schnapps bottle, too...

Stay safe!

Dad {!-{>

Leslee said...

That's quite the bottle of schnapps you have there!
Have fun!!1
mum xoxoxo