Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Der Goldener Krauthappl

I passed this building on the way to the Naschmarkt (which is a whole other story and to which I will have to go back and take photos) and had to take a photo. I loved the dome of golden Laurel leaves. It is apparently called the Secession, as it was built by and it held the Secessionists, a group of artists that in 1897, withdrew from the Association of Austrian Artists. It is built in the Art Nouveau style, and is now a museum that houses a famous Klimt, as well as rotating contemporary exhibits. The locals hated it and wanted it torn down, but now it is a very popular Viennese attraction and even found its way onto the 50 cent Austrian Euro. The locals call it Der Goldener Krauthappl, aka, the Golden Cabbage. The saying above the door says "Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit," which in my limited German means something like "The time, their art. The art, their freedom," but what do I know? (I know I'm going back. That's what I know.)

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