Monday, December 15, 2008


So I pulled my first (and hopefully last) all-nighter of the semester. It wasn't that difficult. I went on a taco-bell run around 11:30, and then Hannah came over at around 1. We studied until around 5:20, took a power nap until 6, and then studied another hour. I took a shower and we headed to breakfast and got some brain-grub. I kicked that IPE final's ass.
The two questions I wrote mini-essays on were :

1. Discuss the following two strategies of economic development: import-substitution and export-oriented industrialization.
2.  What is a social business? Discuss the potential benefits and challenges facing “social businesses”, using the example of Grameen Danone. Do you think social business provides an efficient alternative to foreign aid? 

Yeaaaah. We killed it. And everything is multiplied when you are sleep-deprived. It is the strangest sensation. Like normally I would never notice that really annoying person who sniffs ever 5 seconds throughout the whole test, but today, I almost killed her.

Wanna know what is killing me? This fricken snow and this cold. I'm going to die die die die die when I get back to GF!!!!! But it is a darn tootin' good thing that these girls had me around to be the bad ass who cleans the snow off of cars with her bare hands (wearing flip-flops) and to release the windshield-wipers from their icy prison using only her keys. My friends are all wimps from California and Oregon. It is a wonder I didn't have to pump their gas too! (which I did do earlier  in the week.)

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Leslee said...

Looking good in the snow Cait!!! Getting you ready for coming home.
Luv you, mum