Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deck the Hall Ball

Most epic night of my life, it really got me thinking about life, and especially my own future:

1.) Aqueduct: Fun, funk, Seattle-based electro pop. I dig it, especially the song that talks about "don't ever ask me where I'm from."

2.) Shiny Toy Guns: Great electro with a great mosh pit. I adore the drummer, a great musician who obviously loves what he does and who looks like a more electro version of Jack White. (watch the drummer in the posted video.)

3.) Cold War Kids: Hadn't listened to them extensively, however, they are an amazing group who really know how to tell a story with their music. They have gained one new fan.

4.) Death Cab For Cutie: One of my top 5 favorite bands. It was a dream come true to see them in person. Lead singer, Ben Gibbard has lost at least 20 pounds and was approaching sickly-looking, but the set was amazing. I officially fell in love with Ben after reading an essay he wrote this summer that summed up my complete emotional range right now.

5.) The Killers: Hot damn can these Las Vegas natives put on a show. They were full of energy, frontman Brandon Flowers moved about 110 mph the whole set, and it was the sexiest performance I've ever seen! The whole thing was topped off when the drummer donned an I heart Seattle tee-shirt and absolutely hammed it up.

I have to get down to business tomorrow when it comes to homework. I have 2 papers to finish, a presentation to work out, and 2 finals to study for. If I can finish a paper, and start the 2nd tomorrow, finish the 2nd and work out the presentation on Friday, and study for IPE on Saturday, that leaves all of Sunday to devote to my French final which is not looking good as of right now.

I also checked out some Kerouac from the library. I'm reading a collection of his writings from his youth as well as On The Road. I was inspired to read it by Ben Gibbard, and I'm really enjoying it so far.

I hope you all have great weekends! <3

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