Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I've figured out why I'm not as intense as the others on the crew team:

I have the mindset of a canoer. I want to go out on the water and paddle around, see the scenery, stay in shape, maybe catch a fish or two. I have no interest in bulking up on muscle or being religious about the sport. I'm really only in it for the water. I have a hard time being competitive in a sport that is only sort of a team sport, and definately not a contact sport.

They have the mindset of rowers. They want to win. They want to get in shape to win. They want to practice to win. They want to be the biggest, buffest, baddest team on this side of the rockies. They are in it for the competition. They are incredibly, almost disturbingly filled with competitive spirit.

I think I need to talk to my coach, because I'd feel bad if I bring the team down, but I love being out on the water. :(

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