Sunday, September 20, 2009

more bits of summer...

Here are a few more pictures from Shannon and my trip to Double Falls. (look! a yak!)

Yesterday was supposed to be raining, but it rained before I got up and then was sunny all day. Today is also shaping up to be quite beautiful. I'm waiting for my pot of tea to steep, and when it does, I'm going to curl up with my book about the fall of Rome and get some reading accomplished. I already finished the reading assignment I had in my "Inuit Morality Play" book. There will probably be some napping in my near future as well as some watching Firefly and doing some more things from my to-do list, but my day is pretty empty.


Leslee said...

Love the tree shot, as you know and the one with you in the falls. May have to scrapbook them.
Of coarse, the yak too,.


Anonymous said...

I like the blue trees in the two shots of the ferns in sunlight!

All nice.

Dad {!-{>

mehmkefar said...

You have taken some awesome photo this summer, Cait. That flower shot with the wasp is way cool.