Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dream come true...

This weekend was AMAZING!!!!!

To start it off, I hung out with the lovely ladies pictured above. We had a great Friday night.

Saturday, I stuck around my room and finished my 50 pages of reading and 3 writing assignments so that I was free for the rest of the weekend. I accomplished everything, and headed to Seattle on Sunday.

On Sunday, I volunteered at bumbershoot (Seattle's music and arts festival). It was pretty sweet. I sold posters. Then I got to see The Mount Saint Helens Vietnam Band for free. Whoo! I met up with Mariska and Sarah and went back to her apartment. We later ate delicious Lamb and Beef Gyros. It was awesome.

Monday was so fabulous. We went back to Bumbershoot nice and early in the morning and saw Macklemore, Visqueen, The Minus 5, Grand Hallway, and Akron/Family. We also spent over an hour viewing and purchasing posters. We watched the onereel film fest, saw the Seattle/Moscow poster show, and made our own relief prints. After that Franz Ferdinand played and rocked the house. Their awesome scottish accents made me consider studying abroad in Scotland as opposed to elsewhere.

Then, the moment I've been waiting for: Modest Mouse played. I nearly died of happiness. Dream come true for me to see them in concert and I'd go again in a heartbeat. They played older songs like Baby Blue Sedan and Dramamine, and ones of their new EP (Satellite Skin and King Rat). Isaac Brock then admitted that he thought he was playing with a cracked rib, but he still managed to have crazy amazing energy and appear that it would be physically impossible to put more emotion into the lyrics. I loved it. (http://stereogum.com/archives/photo/bumbershoot-2009-in-photos_088681.html?img=0&gfmt=e&gp=1) They played crowd favorites (Gravity Rides Everything and Float On). And most importantly they played a few favorites of mine (Paper Thin Walls, Wild Pack of Family Dogs, and Bury Me With It). I would have liked to hear some more of their older stuff, but considering that the band Modest Mouse has existed longer than a lot of the audience (pre-teens) I understand that they kept it pretty recognizable. Absolutely worth every penny, and as I said, an awesome awesome amazing awesome dream come true!

I got back to school, and to top of an awesome weekend, class today was great. Writing=incredible. History=extraordinary. Hope they keep it up. :D

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Leslee said...

Your haircut is still looking awfully cute.