Thursday, September 3, 2009

Me oh my crayfish pie!

I can't even begin to explain how much I'm enjoying this semester so far. Yes, it is going to be a lot of work, and yes, my social life will take up a smaller proportion of importance, but everything is so interesting and engaging!

I have a biology class (which isn't that interesting...) but I had my first lab today, and it went well and I actually really enjoyed looking at cells under a microscope.

I have a cultural anthropology class. There is quite a bit of reading, but the books seem incredibly interesting. We are reading one about the enculturation of an Inuit girl, one about the social and political implications of the one child policy of modern China, one about dealing crack in El Barrio, and one about Bedouin women in Egypt. There are a couple obnoxious people in the class, but other than that, VERY interesting.

I'm taking an intro to writing fiction class, which I completed my first writing assignment in today. My group really enjoyed my piece and although I was frustrated when first began writing it, I enjoyed writing it.

I'm taking a history class on the birth of Europe which has a TON of reading, but it all seems so intersting. Class today was AWESOME, I couldn't get enough.

I'm also auditing a French class that will refresh and replenish my knowledge of French. And as opposed to being stressed out, I'm not getting a grade, so I can concentrate on what I'm learning without an ounce of anxiety. I also had a martial arts class, but I dropped it as it didn't seem interesting enough to be worth the hassle of dealing with my ankle.

I'm meeting lots of new people, making new friends and I can't get enough of my friends that I've been missing all summer.

My bed is lofted, and my former roommate's parents are bringing a futon to go under it on the 12th of September so that she and others can spend the night in my single room. It should be pretty awesome.

This year is really starting out on a high note. I'm on a majoooor Paul Simon binge. I listen to him when I'm studying, when I'm getting ready, when I'm sleeping, all the time. This weekend I'm headed to Seattle to see Mariska, volunteer at Bumbershoot, and attend Bumbershoot on monday to see MODEST MOUSE! I'm so excited about everything. I'm so excited about life.

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