Saturday, May 9, 2009

Year's End

The semester is coming to an end. I have all of my clothes packed. My walls are bare. I'm basically waiting for boxes to pack everything else in. I need to do one more load of laundry with my towels and blankets. Only a week left with my ladies and it is quite sad. I'm going to miss my roommate something fierce next year. Mum and Dad will be here next Friday and we're going to move a few things before heading home. I'm trying to secure a job for the summer so if anyone has any helpful suggestions, I'm all ears. Well. I'm going to listen to some Harry Potter on audiobook and head to bed pretty soon. I've been sick and it is making me very very tired. Good thing I'm on break for another day. I need to study for my 2 exams at the beginning of the week, but them I'm free to pack and hang out until my parents get here.

Goodnight!!! <3

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