Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday Gift

Although it has been slow goings with my own sister's birthday gift, hers is quite a bit larger and more complex than this particular pouch. This was for my amiga Hannah's birthday back in February. The pouch is just an off-white muslin with a brightly patterned interior. I sewed the button, the button hole, and the embroidery on the front. It is approximately 3" wide and 5" tall.

Mum is getting her wisdom toofs out today, so probably no posts from her for a day or two, but that doesn't mean I can't make up for it. I'm going to do a little work on Kirsten's present today as well as studying for the communication midterm I have tomorrow.

Enjoy the photos! <3

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Leslee said...

You look like you are progressing with your embroidery. Good job, Cait.
Up early this morning. Had a good nights sleep and up taking some drugs. Just a little sore this morning.