Sunday, January 25, 2009


Im sitting in the library, watching the snow fall down outside my the window. It is grey, windy, and cold. But at least I'm doing something. I'm here with my friends, and I am once again engaging my brain and trying to undo the atrophy that happened to my thinking muscle while I was at home. I miss my family and I'm especially sad that I'm missing Harlee's birthdaaaay. I wish I could go swimming with my Magoo, but alas, she will simply have to enjoy the fabulous birthday presents and Valentine's day present that I got/made for her.

I thought I'd post a run-down of all the classes I'm taking at Mum's insistence that I update my blog.

Child Developmental Psychology: This should be a pretty good class. The teacher seems very nice and understand. The subject matter is also interesting. I'm hoping to get a feel for my interest level in psychology, because it is a subject that I've always sort of considered as a possible career at the back of my mind.

Arguing Through Literature: This class may or may not be torture. I'm taking it with my friend Val, and the first class period was basically the teacher reading about 5 pages of a novel and explaining it sentence-by-sentence. It was horrible. I switched into this class from my health risk messages class because that was basically my public communication campaigns class from last semester at a lower level, which I wasn't interested in. I thought I'd get a literature class under my belt for fun before I becam
e way too involved in my major.

Survey of Communication Inquiry: I'm looking forward to this class. It seems very interesting and it delves fairly deep into how technology has influenced modern communications. Our first homework was reading about and watching an episode of the Daily Show, and we watched another episode in class. That is a very good sign.

Yoga: The teacher seems a little bit pretentious, but I'll put up with it. I'm excited for 
this, it is something I've never done and it is something I'm doing with friends.

French Culture and Civilization: I've basically taken this class in the form of both last year's French class as well as European History, which is excited, however there is a catch: this class, lectures, presentations, readings and all, is in French. At the end of the semester we 
have to do an oral presentation and turn in a paper that we will spend the entire sem working on. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Pretty much anything is available. But, good news, we get to learn about the foxy fellow on the right.

We'll see how it all goes. I've already finished all my English homework for tomorrow and I am started on my French. I hope everyone has a good week, and I hope I'll get to update soon! <3

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