Tuesday, January 27, 2009

namasté betches!

Yoga, oh Yoga. It is a class that I enjoy and find hysterical at the same time. We spent a lot of time doing things that were difficult for me, not only because I am lacking flexibility and balance, but because I am poorly proportioned. My stubby arms and looooong legs do not allow me to touch the ground with my hands during this pose. I instead wobble about and try not to topple over and send the whole class down like dominoes. I couldn't stop laughing, because such words as "sit-bone" are used to describe what I like to call my bum. At the end, she told us to thank our bodies for allowing us to do this, and thank ourselves for participating. I could barely contain myself. I really enjoyed it though. I feel like it will be very good for me. The only thing that could possibly be a problem is the relaxed/exhausted state that that class leaves me in. I travel to French tired and relaxed, essentially ready for a nap. It could potentially be bad. I suppose I shall see. 

In other news, sorry I forgot to call you back mum. I'll try to call you back in the morning or around noon-1. I looked at my clock and it said 8:51 and decided you might be in bed before 10. 

I'll try to post again tomorrow! <3

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Leslee said...

yeah,yeah, I am always on the back burner. Grandpa Charles got me after I was in bed. But, I was fast asleep by 10pm as I worked again today.
Your post was making me laugh. I can just see the dominoes falling over. Good one.