Friday, January 30, 2009


First off, I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARLEE AND KIRSTEN!
Harlee liked her present I guess, and Kirsten's will be arriving by mail within the next week hopefully. 

Next, the last couple days have been pretty good. Classes are okay, I get very pissed at my lit teacher, but I'm alright. I went and got a nose stud changed to a different kind of jewelry yesterday because it was swelling because of the cold, and as my piercer put it "your nose is pissed." All is well now. It looks a lot less angry.

This evening, well around 2, Val, Rachel, and possibly others and I are headed to Seattle. We just wanted to get out of Tacoma. We're going to go shopping and then go eat dinner with Mariska and head back to school to sleep. It should be a jolly good time. Hopefully I can take some pictures, although I haven't decided if I'm taking my cam cam or not.

Love you all, and once again, Happy Birthday Kirsten (and Harlee). <3

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