Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've Arrived

Here I am in Vienna, waiting creepily by the baggage claim for mi amigo Maddie to arrive in about an hour. So I thought, what the heck, I'll make a blog post. I'm sure I'll take photos during Orientation, so those will be up in a day or two. But for nowwwww.....

Top 5 Eurofaves so far:

5.) Being Legal to Drink. If I want a beer, I can damnwell get one, and no one will look at me funny or ANYTHING!

4.) German. The Viennese don't give a crap that I don't understand German. All the signs are in German, and I, being lucky, get to follow the pictures. I did figured out that the WC is the bathroom (water-closet anyone?) And found my way to the baggage claim, so I'm feeling pretty accomplished already.

3.) The Amsterdam Airport. It was just so classy! They had a Mac makeup counter and stores of perfume and hugo boss and electronics and AWESOMENESS! Also, all the information was given in dutch, then in the language of the country the flight was going to, then in English. It was awesome.

2.) Men In Suits. Pretty much every man over the age of 25 is wearing a suit. In the airport. Not sweatpants or something else foolish. But they travel in style, at the very least they're wearing tailored, pressed jeans. I could get used to this.

1.) The descent into Vienna. Desending into Vienna was absolutely incredible. I attempted to get some footage, but the woman next to me kept giving me weird looks and I didn't have the window seat. :c It was cloudy, but SUPER sunny above the clouds, so as we descended through the clouds, beams of gold and pink light were shining through. The ground was a patchwork of green scattered with so many windmills it would put Judith gap to shame. The mountains were glowing in the distance and it was so so so sooooo beautiful. Despite my discomfort, I may already have fallen in love with Austria.


Leslee said...

So good to message with you today. I feel better already knowing you are there safely. Now, on to bigger and better things. Looking forward to pictures. Miss you bunches and love you to death.
Mum xoxoxoxo

serenaberkowitz said...

Yay! Glad it's grand so far. Isn't Europe just so dang classy? Although the Paris airport is just straight up weird... Have a lovely time at orientation!