Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spokane Floods (part two).

Sooo.. what happened in last week's episode (or last time's blog post):

We then went on to Lind Coulee a little farther North. In my little discussion group, I said that it was created by slow moving or still water and the other girls in my group were like "NO! blah blah blah it was made by wind blah blah blah you're wrong blah blah blah." When we got into the big group, we found out that the deposits of clay (the finest of the mineral types (finer than sand and silt)) were created by *gasp* slow moving or still water. This is where the flood widened out, slowed down, barely moved. Before getting more narrow at Drumheller.

After that, we went to a gravel pit and dug a hole into the sediment to see what it was like. The same exact thing happened with my group as the last place. I said "This seems like insanely fast water" and the other girls were like "NO! blah blah blah it was made by a glacier blah blah blah" and I said "But it is too well sorted and missing things a glacier would leave behind, and the rocks are rounded, like with running water" and then, treating me like a total retard said "Well, glaciers are made of water. They could have been rounded in a river before they formed a glacier." When we got into the big group, we found out that it was in fact missing boulders and silt and clay, was too well sorted, and was too rounded to be a glacier. It was created by *gasp* swiftly moving water! I was like TAKE THAT BITCHES!

After this, we drove to the end of Grand Coulee and stopped at a magnificent place ironically called:

Dry Falls
Dry Falls is a huge waterfall bed spanning almost 5 miles. The current waterfall is less than 20 feet wide when it is running at it's greatest. When we were there they weren't letting any water through the dam, so the whole thing was absolutely dry except for a few puddles at the bottom. This was created when the floods came raging out the end of Grand Coulee and hit an area with more easily erodible sediment and it eroded into a waterfall.

Here is my class, my teacher is the nerdy guy in the middle.

It was reaaaaaaaaaally windy the whole trip. In the day, during the night, in the morning. These are the ripples created by the horrifically cold wind. The wind is one thing I definitely don't miss about Great Falls.

After Dry Falls we went through this little town called Coulee City which reminded me a little of Cut Bank. We headed up the coulee and had some great views, but they were out of the car, so I wasn't able to take pictures.

Alright, off to get lunch. I'll add the next installment later! <3

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Enjoying your episodes.
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