Monday, October 20, 2008

Fleet Foxes

My trip to Seattle was absolutely fabulous! We got there yesterday a little after noon, hiked up the hill to Seattle U, and met up with Mariska and Emily! It was really really really ridiculously amazing to see them. We caught up, told each other about our respective adventure over some Vietnamese noodle soup at Pho, and then wandered through the neighborhood on the way back to SU to see their rooms. At SU, of course, we ran into my arch nemesis William, and our mutual hate was apparent. It seems like Ishka and Em are having a great time, and hopefully, they'll get to come visit me next month.

After that, we headed to Andy's house (a beautiful house, a great family, they were so kind to us!) to put our stuff away and then off to the Fleet Foxes concert. We had these insane nosebleed seats so we looked down on the band, but I didn't mind, they were dirt cheap and the sound was great! Amazingly enough, their intricate 5 part harmonies carried through BETTER on stage than on the album. They are magnificent musicians! I bought a shirt, and then we headed to an all night diner, where I had my first pancakes in THREE MONTHS! Good God how I miss pancakes!!!!!!

Today, after leaving Andy's house, we spent the early afternoon downtown. Hannah got her eyebrows waxed, we did a bit of shopping. I got a great day-glo green hoody, because I was forced to throw away my blue hoodie because the zipper broke. We got back to the school a little after 4. It was a spectacular weekend!

I got a few good shots, a few group shots, and one really cute shot of Mariska by accident! I will post the before and afters of the room cleaning later!<3

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Leslee said...

Cait I am glad you had a good weekend and met up with your friends. You desperately need a hair trim. Luv ya!! mum