Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spokane Floods (part 3).

I'm not going to explain much about these ones. They are from a place called steamboat rock. My class decided to hike to the top of it, and as I couldn't walk the day before, I passed and simply strolled around our campsite and took photos. The whole time, I kept thinking Mom would love this place so much. I went to the most beautiful beach of the river and saw these birds that were smaller than the leaves and made the trees look like they were alive. The very first picture is of my class on top of the rock without me. Haha. Alright. 

Well... midterms are going fine. Crew is going amazing. I had my best erg practice yet yesterday and my best on the water practice today. I learned that most of the team has worked at camp before and that this girl Kathy worked at Girl Scout camp!

I'm loving college. Everything is looking up. 

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Leslee said...

I am glad you posted the rest of your photos, they look great. I am sorry you couldn't take the hike with everyone.