Sunday, October 2, 2011

Look at these hep-catz!

So maybe I haven't posted, quite as often as I should have... But I am trying to get a few photos up now and then. I also got a blog post up for the school (which, sadly, is not a paid position, but it will look good on mah resume!) I'm just truckin' away at school here and attempting to get a job for my post-graduation life. I'm signed up for some mock-interviews with UPS alums working at Boeing and South Sound Magazine. I'm attempting to write some cover letters to apply for jobs at a radio station in Seattle, some Tacoma companies, and even a couple on campus. And this is all between the eight billion papers I've been writing and missing my fam and my Harlee. Soooo, forgive me if the posts are not as frequent as they might be. But I will try to get one or two up every week. I miss you all! Have a great beginning of october!

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Tracy said...

Found you through your mom, and thought I would come by and stalk you, lol.
Such a cute phot of the big bear chair ;)