Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Awesome. It's Awesome. Alright.

I just thought I'd post these pictures to remind you all that I'm awesome. I'm just trucking away at the BOATLOADS of work I have, all while trying to start a career in 2 short months. But you know what? I've managed to land a job shadow. I got told I should be a motivational speaker because my peptalks rock so much. My career advisor told me that I have a very interesting story to tell and that makes my resume very strong. And the paper proposal that I thought I majorly FUBAR-ed? My professor thought it was a complex and thought-provoking idea. BAM! That is how awesome I am. So, regardless of the wildly inappropriate amount of work I have to complete this weekend, I refuse to get stressed out, and the sun will keep on shining (but only metaphorically, after all, this is the Pacific Northwest) because I am awesome and I always get it done.


Leslee said...

Awesome photos. Glad you got to go out and create with your camera. I love the results. Especially the spider web.
Now you just have to go out and sell your self. You are such a great person with lots to offer a company or business.
Mum xoxoxo

Tracy said...

Your photos are stunning.
Yes I have to agree, you are awesome ;)