Wednesday, October 14, 2009

busy busy...

This week is my midterms week. Somehow, I ended up with only one midterm. One would think that this is a happy thing, but instead, this one midterm is not only one that requires a lot of preparation, but it is also in a class that I care about, therefore I have spent the last couple days studying my little hiney off for my history midterm. I wrote 8 essay outlines, only one of which I will have to use. But I'm excited that I know the information, I'm excited to take the test, and I'm excited to be a history major. So although studying hard and consistently is not something I've ever had to do, and is not something I tend to like, history requires it of me, and I will do as history requires.

The above is an illustration of my friends and myself. Clockwise from the top left is Maddie, Madie (my former roommate), Hannah from Chicago, and myself.

Well, I am going to continue on my long and arduous journey through the first 8 centuries of Europe including (but not limited to) the rise of Christianity, the invasion by the Germanic tribes, the fall of Rome, the rise of aseticism and monasticism, the rise of the Byzantine Empire, the rise of the Arab Empire, and the fall of Byzantium to the Arabic Empire.

This weekend is fall break, and hopefully I will get to take some photos that I can p0st. Have an awesome Thursday and Friday!

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