Tuesday, June 9, 2009


i've recently found myself highly interested in vinyl records. i've even been looking for a record player. i've found a few that are ridiculously cute, so i thought i'd update with photos of that since there isn't much else up in my life. i broke my ankle a couple weeks ago, but it is healing up. i also have a job interview tomorrow at old navy, but i was so excited i managed to forget the name of the woman i have my interview with. whoops. hopefully it goes well so i can celebrate when i go to the movies and see "the hangover" tomorrow. i had a great girls night with nichole tonight, we went to hastings and had italian sodas, it was lovely. my main project for the week is to get all of my AP art slides scanned into my computer so that i can share them. that is all for now, just trying to remember to feeds the plants and bring in the newspaper.

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