Monday, April 13, 2009

like a tree of wild bees...

I've been on a bit of a kick recently. An Iron and Wine, Bright Eyes, Decemberists, Muse kick. Play, listen, repeat. Play, listen, repeat. But my whole life is running that way a little. Sleep, class, homework. Sleep, class, homework. It rained today. It poured today. And, per Murphy's law of weather, as soon as I put on my rain boots, it quit. It did start up again. I even heard rumors that it is supposed to snow tonight. I'm quite sad, because I was really really enjoying jogging outside. It hasn't even bugged my ankle, maybe because I've been running on a track instead of on pavement. I feel a little thrown off that I won't be doing that this evening. I have a psychology test to study for but it is getting difficult because it is more difficult than the last exam. I'll get it done though. I've included a few photos of my teapot, and my teacup, and their new home in my windowsill next to my photos of the fam. I love them so much and use them quite frequently. I was also thinking about how much I would like to have photos taken this summer. Well.... I had better go back to my work. I have a bit of it to do. Have a great monday night everyone. <3

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