Sunday, March 13, 2011


After spending a few days fighting off stomach flu, I've finally gotten to the point where I feel like doing stuff. Thusss, I'm finally putting up photos of the lovely city of Prague (and a couple of Vienna.)
This is my friend Hannah. She came to visit me from London, and it was with her that I journeyed to Prague. (This picture, however, was taken in my room before we went to a Heurigan(a traditional Austrian wine tavern).)

This is meeeee in front of the gates of the lovely Belvedere which I posted about earlier.

Here is the view off the balcony of our hostel room.

This is the astronomical clock of Prague (also called the Prague Orloj). It is pretty impressive to see in person. It tells the position of the moon and sun, the zodiac, and the time, and it also sings and puts on a little show.

This is the view from (not of) the Charles Bridge.

This loverly fountain is located outside the Kafka museum.

This is the black Madonna of Prague. She used to be in a church associated with the Templars, but it burned down. Now she just looks at Templova street.

This is the old town square of Praha. Included is the statue of Jan Hus, a religious reformer who was burned at the stake.

This is the door at the House of Two Golden Bears. The bears light up gold if the photo is taken with a flash. Alchemists lived here and created the door.

This was the best breakfast I've eaten in Europe. It was so delicious. American pancakes, eggs, American bacon, European sausage, and a miniature bagel which I saved for later. This was the happiest part of my trip.

Oh! And syrup too. Sooooooooooo delicious. I swear I will eat pancakes every day for a week when I get home. (Also, I heard a rumour about an American food store that sells pancake mix here in Vienna, so I'll probably go check that out soon.)

This is Bohemia Bagel, a popular ex-pat cafe where the delicious American breakfast was eaten.

Here is me outside of the museum of Communism. I loved this poster so much I bought one for myself. I also got some other hilarious Communism-related souvenirs which no one but me think are amusing (but you'll probably like them Dad!).

I was in Prague during Carnivale, so I got to witness some awesome Bohemian Carnivale stuff. Like these bird-stilt-people. Next best thing to Venice, I suppose. :)

The two pictures above this are of the 27 crosses commemorating the 27 nobles turned rebels that were decapitated here. Well, only 23 were decapitated. Three were hung, as the king decided that they deserved to die but not to have their blood spilt, and the last was spared from death and just had his tounge nailed to the scaffold for flapping it too much.

Here is me in all my fuzzy winter-wear as it was FREEZING COLD the whole time we were there.

Aaaaaah Praha. What a lovely town. All of the really interesting stuff is within walking distance of each other and it is pretty quick to be able to find your way around. I would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling through this part of Europe.

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