Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've begun a new project. It is a secret. But... I thought I should alert everyone to the presence of the new secret project I've begun. :D

Instead of including pictures of said project, I have included totally unrelated pictures of some of my recent record finds and of my record collection. I'm absolutely in love with the Monkees album on the left. Everything here was $1 (regardless of what the price tag says) because I went during a clearance sale (wahoo for me!).

I sincerely hope everyone is having a great week. I'm actually going to record my radio show on Friday, so that should be available around noon on Friday. The weather here has been nuts today. We've gone from a week of straight up spring beauty to bipolar status weather. This morning the weather widget on my dashboard said it would be mixed rain and snow, however, upon stepping outside, it was warm, clear, and sunny. Around noon, my dashboard said it was sunny with partial clouds, when in fact there was a torrential downpour taking place.

I have a logic test on friday. I'm not worried about this test. I actually understand logic, no matter how pointless it is. And to top that off, the test is open book.

I also have an American History in class midterm essay, which is only slightly more worrisome. Nonetheless, I will be studying for the both, so besides my radio show, don't expect a ton of posts between now and then.


Dad {!-{> said...

That is a GREAT Monkee's album...but then again any Monkee's album is pretty great!

When you are home maybe I can find my Get Smart album, and my Jan & Dean Batman albums!!!

Dad {!-{>

Leslee said...

I used to have that Monkee album, way back when. Maybe the Abba one too.

mum xoxoxox