Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baking Bread

I've been on a cooking/baking/cleaning spree lately. Here are some pictures of my bread baking process as well as a list of ingredients/instructions.

For two small loaves I use
1/2 cup light vanilla soy milk
3 tablespoons of sugar
2 teaspoons of salt
3 tablespoons of melted butter
2 packets of yeast
5-7 cups of flour

I mix the yeast according to the package (aka, warm bowl, warm water, sugar, stir, let sit). Then I add the milk, sugar, salt and butter. I stir until the mixture is sorta homogenous. Then I add flour, a cup at a time, until I get bread dough. I knead, let it sit and rise for an hour (in a bowl sprayed with nonstick spray and covered by a towel), then bake at 400 for 30 minutes.

It is delicious.

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MacKenzie said...

Suzie homemaker! :)