Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Bag!

It is finished! The bag I dreamt of since... Tuesday! I bought the fabric yesterday, and using this tutorial and this readjustment I have conquered. It was pretty easy once I figured out that I had the strap pinned on upside down (because I couldn't tell from the photo) and that it had to be pinned the OTHER way so that it didn't get caught between the outer part of the bag and the liner. I started by cutting out 14 pieces of fabric, enough to make a liner as well as an outer bag and a strap. My bag measures about 16 inches long, 11 inches deep, and about 4 inches wide. I then sewed the outer part of the bag together. The sides and bottom were sewn into one long strip which I then attached the "front" and "back" pieces to. After that, I pinned on a flap and a strap. I sewed the liner the exact same way as the outside, except I left a hole in the bottom of the liner. I put the outer bag inside the liner, right sides together. I stitched around the top, and then pulled both bags through the hole in the bottom of the liner. They ended up right (after the strap ordeal) and I stitched the liner shut, ironed the seams, and started taking pictures! In this picture, it is holding my Mac, several magazines, a box of coloured pencils, a couple of books, and a box of embroidery floss. It is a very spacious sack!

I'll have some more stuff up soon. I took pictures of all the sock animals I've been crafting. Maybe this summer, if I keep up the craftin', I'll open my own etsy store and make a little extra moolah!

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